My name is Sam Arthur, I am a freshman in college and began this journey of blogging as a High School student. I've always wanted to journal and share my thoughts in a public space to practice for ultimately becoming a Journalist. My hobbies include; writing, reading, traveling and being involved in CHANGE. I love my family and friends, both of which keeps me grounded. 

My main focus will be reviewing books that I have read and giving my own take on current events as they unfold in this ever changing world. This space is intended for positivity and self growth while being informative and motivational for both my audience and myself. 

I'm not sure where this newfound love for blogging will take me, one thing is certain - this is such fun. One thing is for sure - I will try to make this a dope process for both myself and my audience. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into my mind as I type away..