Representation Matters.

I've been seeing a thread on twitter that has really spoken to me called "The first time I saw me", this thread is about the lack of representation in shows today, pertaining to having characters of color on shows. In the past shows like The Proud Family, That's so Raven and many other tv shows on the Disney channel have portrayed people of various diffrent races in a positive light, however these shows have dissapeered over the years leaving shows with no diversity in its place. Now, not only are Disneys shows lacking in humor but also lack in representation from other ethnic groups. Children today are going to grow up without seeing themselves represented on television. Which makes one realize impressionable children won't be saying "I can" they will be asking "Can I?"

Disneys shows are lacking so much substance that shows in the past had, for example That's so Ravens episode on body positivity in a world that only sees the ideal as Caucasian and skinny was substance. Raven taught young minds not to take any crap from anyone and that you can do anything. The Proud Family depicted what is not often shown on television today, an African American family that had a mother and father and was not torn apart by disenfranchisement, incarceration and divorce. The Proud Family also taught young impressionable minds to be kind to other people of different ethnicities and to be proud of who you are. How many Disney shows these days are composed of : one blonde friend and one brunette friend crushing over the blandest boy, how many of today's Disney shows portray no diversity and when they do have actors that are people of color they aren't seen in the same light as other non-black characters. 

Is Disney not meant for children to grow up seeing other young people on tv and being inspired by that? The one African American actress leading a show on the Disney channel is no longer a child, and is a full blown adult. How is seeing an adult on the tv supposed to inspire young people, children cannot relate to a 20 year old playing a 16 year old because it sets impossible beauty standards for young children to reach. Disney channel should create more opportunity for children to play children on televison, so children can actually see that it is okay to be diffrent and be who you are. Children today are going to grow up not seeing themselves doing great things on the tv because of disneys white washing ways. Is it that hard to find people of color to add Diversity? It's the twenty first century - can we have diversity in our midst.