It has become imperative in today's political climate for the younger generation to have their voices heard since so many policies affect our lives in various aspects. In particular, the second amendment has now become the forefront of policies affecting the country's youth. The pre-occupation of the 21st century's adults to bear arms is not what the 18th century amendment was meant for.  We are no longer talking about muskets and a well regulated militia but rather semi-automatic military grade weapons in the hands of civilians. Since January 1, 2018, there have been over 18 school related gun incidents, which means there has been at least one indecent a week in which a gun has been taken onto a school campus endangering the lives of students and faculty, and the fourth month of the year has only just begun. Lawmakers and public officials have taken no strides toward creating policy that will aid in making schools, children and faculty much safer, politicians only load the public with "thoughts and prayers" each time an incident happens. Every time I hear and see the phrase "Our thoughts and prayers are with you" I get triggered, what are thoughts and prayers doing for the public besides giving us the false hope that politicians will actually do something to help keep citizens safe.

The clear reluctance to produce any type legislation makes it obvious that the American people love their guns more than their own children and it is utterly ridiculous. No child should have to feel unsafe in a community built for learning and fostering a capable and sound future. In no way do I believe that the right to bear arms should be taken away, however, there should be gun control and regulation, semi automatic military grade weapons should not be in civilian society.  You don't need it to hunt, you don't need that much power for recreational use. So what do you need this firepower for? Honestly anyone who obtains a semi automatic military grade weapon should be placed on a watch list.

Gun restriction and reform must happen for the safety of us all,. Common sense policies exist in Canada where firearms are classified into specific categories, prohibited, restricted and non restricted, this form of gun control has resulted in Canada's homicide rate is 7 times lower than the US rate. In addition those who want to obtain a gun must go through a screening process which includes safety courses, and background checks. In Germany there is a requirement of having knowledge of weapons, technology, law and expertise in the use of a firearm; as well as a proven need for a weapon and background checks. I acknowledge that in the US we have a constitutional right that gives the right to bear arms, however these examples do not take away this right, they just make it harder to obtain an immensely dangerous military grade weapon which is exactly what the US needs. 

The fact that politicians think that bringing more guns into schools will solve anything is ridiculous. Guns in schools = Student and faculty deaths. That equation is not difficult to understand especially since there has been over 18 gun related school incidents since the beginning of the year. Are we speaking a different language? Do politicians not understand that slack gun laws are what got us into this mess in the first place? Apparently the same language is not being spoken, as politicians solution is to arm teachers. As a high school student I would not feel safer in school knowing that my teachers have guns. Students annoy teachers way too much for teachers to be armed and dangerous. Common sense gun regulation is necessary, Americans make up 4.4% of the worlds population, but own 42% of the worlds guns. Our government thinks it more prudent to sell arms to other countries than to protect their children from meaningless gun violence. 

It is simply time to take our voices public and be heard, on a national stage, as students have been showing much bravado in national protests. Courage and strength shown through the #enough movement is extraordinary I am truly inspired by the bravery shown by these young adults. This movement further solidifies the imminent movement of mass political protest as the voices taking to protest will be the next voters in national elections. I say take to the streets, brave the disastrous policies of the national and state governments- armed with voices of pragmatic reasoning. I say enough "thoughts and prayers", we need common sense gun control, we need action, we need change.