College Acceptances

So this whole college process has proven to be much more intense than I was hoping, sending out applications did give me some sort of peace of mind for maybe... a day or two... but after that I cannot stop thinking about getting all of my acceptances back so I can see a fuller more complete picture of my future. I've gotten back 6/9 of my applications and have even gotten two (and hopefully only) rejections. Its nerve wracking waiting until March/April for all of the decisions to come back, not knowing what your life will look like for the next four years is undoubtedly terrifying.

Getting my first rejections felt like a blow to my stomach, even though rejection sucks, I am glad that I experienced it so that in the future it wont hurt as much. With the rejection I go forth with the belief that I will go where I am meant to go, and I will be great wherever I end up. Hopefully there are more acceptances and good news to come.

In addition, of the 4 acceptances I have gotten the burden of financial aid is looming over me. Its insane how expensive certain colleges are compared to SUNY colleges, why in the world would one college want to cost 60k when some only cost 15k. I now know that my perception of Financial Aid was severely misguided going into this, I was lead to believe that Financial Aid would cover almost half of what it would cost in addition to what the school gives as a scholarship. However that is not the case for some schools. Now that the financial statements are coming in from the colleges that I have been accepted to, I cannot help but become discouraged and not want to see anymore acceptances, if that means staring debt directly in the face so be it. I truly believe that high schools should spend some time discussing the Financial Aid aspect of college in depth so students do not feel blindsided.

So what exactly does being accepted mean, does it mean a mountain of debt, does it mean being seen as some dollar sign or does it mean that I should be excited about starting a new journey and not being stressed about the money. Acceptances are supposed to bring about new feelings of growth and security, however every time I think of the financial aspect my mind gets cloudy. I just have to put the finances in the back of my mind and not stress too much until I get all of my decisions.

Beauty Bloggers are Liars.

So guys, beauty bloggers are literal liars, and heres why. In the last week I decided to get some makeup for fun, and I got liquid eyeliner in addition to other products. To gauge how to put the liner on I go on youtube and look up a tutorial, using scotch tape as a base to keep the line straight. I get home and put the tape on the corner of my eye. Proceeded to line my eye- at which point I removed the tape, very gingerely and low and behold, there was more liquid liner on the dang tape than was on my eye. The most gruesome part is that I was left with a bruise where the tape had been on the side of my eye and not to mention the tape took a bit of skin with it, leavng me scortched. So...all you beauty blogger with self proclaimed hacks tell the truth in your tutorials before us novices go and rip off skin... please and thank you. 

Life Update

So far my July has brought me some awesome accomplishments, experiences and so much to look forward to, which includes, passing my AP exams, finishing my first three weeks of my paid internship and my upcoming date with Shawn Mendes (lol). When I found out that I passed my AP English exam I was so relieved and happy that, first I no longer had to stress about that anymore and secondly Ill be getting my free college credits now. Now that I have my AP score back I can focus on starting to study for taking the SAT for the second time to get a better score, and taking the ACT. Having college credits under my belt will definitely help my chances of getting into the school of my dreams, all I can hope is I get a high score on the SAT and the ACT so I can be really desirable to colleges.

Additionally, the first three weeks of work have now finished and I truly feel great about the experience, now I know what its like to wake up early to be in the office and work efficiently in a city corporation. With my paid internship I can now see what its like in the Corporate professional world and this will add to my work ethic for the future. Lastly, I have something big to look forward to, my upcoming date to see Shawn Mendes... in concert, for which I have VIP for, so I'm excited (understatement of the year). Hopefully I get some nice pictures of the concert so I can do a post on it. 

Bypassing the Barbecues

Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July and becoming a glutton at barbecues, I decided to venture into Manhattan for some historical festivities at the Federal Hall National Memorial, the very first capital building in the United States and where the first President, George Washington was sworn into office. The activities were pretty historically accurate as several participants re-enacted the reading of the constitution and hosted several lectures as they were in costume presenting as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton etc.. The conference rooms were all abuzz with historical documents and costumed characters mulling about. Initially entering the grand hall was mesmerizing with the amazing dome that captured the light at just the right angle. Trying to get that perfect picture was virtually impossible. One of the most interesting articles on display was the very platform that George Washington stood on while being sworn into office and caste over with new cement that you saw through the intentional crack in the facade. The architecture of the building was incredible and added to the regal history being brought to light there.

Waiting for AP Scores.

As July begins all I want to do is sleep late, paint and be carefree before I start work, however, the dread of waiting for AP scores to come back is looming in the distance. The scores come out on July 5th ruining the momentum of the great 4th of July celebrations filled with summer fun and barbecues. Why does waiting for scores have to be this stressful? I took the test in the beginning of May yet it takes almost 3 months to get the scores back. I feel like the powers that be enjoy making AP students suffer in the wait for scores, I've spent the months of waiting trying to accept the possibility of both failure and passing. Having the AP scores come out during summer break, I feel, is a direct attack on my very being, now I have to clutter my mind thinking about this exam.  All I can do now is hope that I pass so that I can get my college credit.