College Search Process.

For my first blog post, I will be discussing one of the most recent burdens on my mind... the search for a decent college. As senior year looms around the corner I am left with no other option but to become swept up in the frantic search for a college that will be a good fit for me. This school year so far has only been preparing me for this hectic time of searching, with AP tests and classes, SAT's and now trying to figure out when to take these tests again to get higher scores; all seem like a tornado that one can get sucked in to. So far, I have been visiting colleges that aren't too far away from the city (I don't think I am cut out for that suburban life) and colleges that fit my needs as a student who would like to pursue Journalism and or Political Science. Honestly, I feel like everything is happening so fast, as I finish my Junior year and while it's exciting its also daunting.