Life Update

So far my July has brought me some awesome accomplishments, experiences and so much to look forward to, which includes, passing my AP exams, finishing my first three weeks of my paid internship and my upcoming date with Shawn Mendes (lol). When I found out that I passed my AP English exam I was so relieved and happy that, first I no longer had to stress about that anymore and secondly Ill be getting my free college credits now. Now that I have my AP score back I can focus on starting to study for taking the SAT for the second time to get a better score, and taking the ACT. Having college credits under my belt will definitely help my chances of getting into the school of my dreams, all I can hope is I get a high score on the SAT and the ACT so I can be really desirable to colleges.

Additionally, the first three weeks of work have now finished and I truly feel great about the experience, now I know what its like to wake up early to be in the office and work efficiently in a city corporation. With my paid internship I can now see what its like in the Corporate professional world and this will add to my work ethic for the future. Lastly, I have something big to look forward to, my upcoming date to see Shawn Mendes... in concert, for which I have VIP for, so I'm excited (understatement of the year). Hopefully I get some nice pictures of the concert so I can do a post on it.