Beauty Bloggers are Liars.

So guys, beauty bloggers are literal liars, and heres why. In the last week I decided to get some makeup for fun, and I got liquid eyeliner in addition to other products. To gauge how to put the liner on I go on youtube and look up a tutorial, using scotch tape as a base to keep the line straight. I get home and put the tape on the corner of my eye. Proceeded to line my eye- at which point I removed the tape, very gingerely and low and behold, there was more liquid liner on the dang tape than was on my eye. The most gruesome part is that I was left with a bruise where the tape had been on the side of my eye and not to mention the tape took a bit of skin with it, leavng me scortched. So...all you beauty blogger with self proclaimed hacks tell the truth in your tutorials before us novices go and rip off skin... please and thank you.