Bypassing the Barbecues

Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July and becoming a glutton at barbecues, I decided to venture into Manhattan for some historical festivities at the Federal Hall National Memorial, the very first capital building in the United States and where the first President, George Washington was sworn into office. The activities were pretty historically accurate as several participants re-enacted the reading of the constitution and hosted several lectures as they were in costume presenting as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton etc.. The conference rooms were all abuzz with historical documents and costumed characters mulling about. Initially entering the grand hall was mesmerizing with the amazing dome that captured the light at just the right angle. Trying to get that perfect picture was virtually impossible. One of the most interesting articles on display was the very platform that George Washington stood on while being sworn into office and caste over with new cement that you saw through the intentional crack in the facade. The architecture of the building was incredible and added to the regal history being brought to light there.