Waiting for AP Scores.

As July begins all I want to do is sleep late, paint and be carefree before I start work, however, the dread of waiting for AP scores to come back is looming in the distance. The scores come out on July 5th ruining the momentum of the great 4th of July celebrations filled with summer fun and barbecues. Why does waiting for scores have to be this stressful? I took the test in the beginning of May yet it takes almost 3 months to get the scores back. I feel like the powers that be enjoy making AP students suffer in the wait for scores, I've spent the months of waiting trying to accept the possibility of both failure and passing. Having the AP scores come out during summer break, I feel, is a direct attack on my very being, now I have to clutter my mind thinking about this exam.  All I can do now is hope that I pass so that I can get my college credit.